How to Change F20 CBS oil interval with Rheingold

I have made an interesting found regarding change the oil service interval for F series. Despite the success of some, I don’t believe it is necessary to change FA and flash DME to have this interval changed. I believe that Rheingold can do it with less effort, and less risk.


My car came with oil service interval defined in the V.O. as 8KP = 8.000 km. However, the CBS was set to 6.000 km (probably, it was changed by the dealer). So, as V.O. remains the same (I read it with esys and is still 8KP), it means one can change the interval without changing the V.O.


Some friends say that with BMW ICOM Rheingold you can simply set the interval with CBS reset.


I gave it a try with Rheingold (I have 3.54), and used function CBS RESET UDS as below:

This set my oil interval back to what was specified in the V.O. (8.000 km), however, it didn’t pop up to request which interval is to be applied. So, probably there is some other function that allow to choose this interval.


Some day I’ll give it another try and post results here.

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