Program Mitsubishi Outlander 2008 Smart Key

Yesterday my customer came with Mitsubishi Outlander 2008 – 2 smart keys in hand, one working, second not.
The 2nd key stop worked suddenly after chip tuning thing which is not come right to my mind but okay… things happen.


What I did is tried reprogram key with OBDSTAR X100 pro.

After entering pin code and next step – Program Failure




Tried several times, no luck.

I took FVDI and reprogram transponders OK. Smart function in first key still work. Retried program with X100 – same error: Program failure.

So with FVDI I did Erase keys and reprogram transponders. After that procedure remote and keyless stop work.
Now in live data I see any key remote Not registered. I tried register keyless with Autoboss diagnostic scanner but it fail any time.


Expert solution:

Remote functions have to be mactched via OBD.
Make PCF7952 key with Tango key programmer. Put the key to the key slot and re-learn this key with a diagnostic equipment, as example it maybe Mitsubishi MUT-III MUT-3,G-Scan etc.

outlander smart mits2

Other solution is to read dump from KOS module and read 24c16. You can program 7936 or 7952 (recommended is 7952) to activate the ignition. Then match the smart system by OBD using MUT-III or G-Scan.. i never done any before anyway. Just that’s what some experts said i’ve ever seen..


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