Zed Bull serial cable pinout for tpx cloner

There are several frequently asked questions concerning  Zed bull transponder key programmer and TPX cloner.

Anyone managed to connect a Mini Zed-bull with TPX cloner?

Anyone manage to connect 4d cloner to zedbull mini ?

Both full size (big) zed bull and zed-bull mini work?

You use zed-bull clone or genuine?
JMA TPX cloner you buy clone?
Cloning TPX works well ?



Let’s work out the questions by two users’ report:

User 1:

I have used my clone full-size big zed-bull hardware 5.02 (software v508) with tpx cloner.




My full size zed-bull is wired like this

DB9 – RJ1?
3 —- 4 green
2 —- 3 red
5 —- 5 yellow


here is the serial cable pinout

zed-bull tpx cable
Note: I have bother zed-bull clone and clone JMA TPX cloner.
Cloning TPX works Ok.

if making the cable based on the picture doe snot work, check board solders, some not good in zed bull.
You can try to change MAX232 inside zed-bull.


User 2 report:
I ordered the TPX box.
Here’s the report.
I got JMA TPX 4D decoder .

cable DB9 dimidiate, attach RJ12 connector.
My Zed bull mini (china clone hardware 5.02) missing U1 and U2 and capacitors C2, C3, C4, C5, C7

I add U1 – RS232, U2 – 74HC153D, and C2, C3, C4, C5 – 1uF, C7 – 0.1uF capacitors.

also need connect 74HC153D 2, 3, 4, 5 legs together and 1 leg connect to ground.


that’s all.

some pictures:








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