Scania VCI2 SDP3 ceased to be valid solution

I tried to install SDP3 v2.24 software for Scania VCI2 VCI 2 truck diagnostic interface. But failed, SDP3 gave me following errors:

Create defect report

SDP3 was not closed correctly the last time. Use this guide to create a defect report. Send the defect report to Scania to help Scania improve SDP3.



Enough information to create a defect report has now been collected. The information contains log files,any saved product information and other relevant data.

Click the button to create the defect report. Then send the report to Technical support.





“This version of SDP3 ceased to be valid. Install the latest version of SDP3”



Possible reason:

1. You have not well/completely install the Scania SDP3 software.



Re-install SDP3 completely.

If still not work, recommend to buy newer V2.27 SDP3 software.


How to install Scania SDP3 software?