Digiprog 3 PDF BDM for Nissan Navara 2013

Can someone help me to get PDF for this pickup Nissan Navara year is October 2013 and inside is 9S12 processor, i have Digiprog 3 odometer correction master but no pdf i send foto.

nissan navara 2014 002

nissan navara 2014 001

photos too fuzzy.



this is what I have for connections Nissan Navara 2014


these are the points of connection for digiprog 3 v 4.88
using cable 48
greetings reports.


in menu digiprog go to nissan navara 9s12


ST48 colors and pinout and tips on 9s12 processors. Find the ground at it should be easy to figure out if it has the 6 pads or 6 pins.


Almost all clusters with 9s12 Processors have this setup, a quick way to program almost any digital odometer with a 9s12 processor.


I have had good success using ST48 and the MCU function from Eeprom menu of Digiprog3.  See example picture, a lot of times the two unused pads have no solder bump on them, a clue to the orientation.  Sometimes access is from the other side of the board and the contact points would be reversed like below.



Reversed contact point layout