Renault Can Clip driver error: Unknown Device

It’s about how to solve Renault CAN CLIP interface driver software error “unknown device” when the hardware is connected to computer.

Operating system issues:

the clone Clip can ONLY work in WINDOWS XP
The drivers for the CLIP does NOT work with any 64-bit Windows.

Install a 32-bit version of Windows on the PC or install it using Oracle VM VirtualBox.

VirtualBox with WinXP running as a virtual machine on a Windows 8 64-bit computer WORKS.



PC storage issues:
Win xp and clip software at least 6 GB

CLIP driver issues:

If you have checked system and PC storage issues but the error remains, please pre-install the driver as the photos display

clip-driver-error-solved-1 clip-driver-error-solved-2

Renault CAN CLIP installation instruction:

Step 1 – install DAEMON Tools Lite

Step 2 – run Crack Renault CLIP

Step 3 – install CLIP software

Step 4 – setup CLIP properties

Step 5 – register CLIP

Step 6 – setup in Computer management

Step 7 – diagnose cars via CAN CLIP