OPCOM v1.59 + Carprog 8.21 program Opel keys

This is a instruction/ user manual on how to OPCOM OP-COM (fw: v1.39, v1.59) to program keys to Opel cars.



program a (spare) key to Opel cars



OPCOM firmware v1.39: read security codes + program keys (seems to out of production)

OP-COM firmware v1.59: program keys + Carprog v8.21 read pin


PC requirement:

Running with Windows XP or Windows 7

(Make sure there is dotnetfx35_SP1 pacth on your windows XP or Windows 7 laptop, otherwise you are unable to run opcom software)


How to program key for Opel cars:

-> open OP-COM program

-> click through vehicle identity

-> select Body

-> click on programming-> immo programming





-> enter 4 digit security code


-> click program keys


Only one key can be programmed at once. After each key, please cycle

the ignition. If you want to program two, or three keys, please repeat the procedure.


[Program Transponder Key – NEW]

program NEW, not previously programmed key(s) to the immobiliser system.

[Program Transponder Key – OLD]

program OLD, previously already programmed key(s) to the immobiliser system.


-> new keys certification; make sure it works



In short, setup in OPCOM:
Year -> vehicle -> body -> Cim -> Programming -> immo-programming -> security-code -> add new key


How to do if opcom error “Programming Failed!”

If the program gives you the following message: Programming Failed!

then please check the measuring blocks for more information about your transponder-key. The reasons could be as simple as

– wrong transponder type

– key contains no transponder at all (dropped out from key, etc.)

– transponder already programmed to other car

– Wrong transponder-key programming routine selected (trying to program a previously programmed transponder as a new one)