2 Steps to Program New Porsche Cayenne Key

New Porsche Parra Meira and Cayenne have almost the same immobilizer system. Here are some key programming tips provided on these models.

1. Read EEPROM from BCM

The Porsche BCM computer is located under the dashboard. There are 3 types of BCM frequency which stand for correspondent key frequency, including 315M, 433M and 434M . They cannot be replaced by each other. The key can be also divided into smart key and semi smart key.



Remove the engine computer, open BCM circuit board, find the CPU which stores the immo data, usually has these 3 types of CPU: 1L15Y,2M25J,5M48H

We use YanHua CKM100 Car Key Master or VVDI 2 to read eeprom data. Follow the wiring diagram to well connect the BCM with device (see pic. example below). Read eeprom and save data.



2. Generate Key from Eeprom Dump

We can use VVDI 2 or Tango key programmer to program new key for new Parra Meira/Cayenne . Open VVDI software, select Porsche key programming, select the corresponding CPU type, insert the key into VVDI2 main unit, read the key ID, check key status, check if key has been used. Make sure you have got the correct key with correct frequency.

Then upload EEPROM data just read. VVDI Commander will display key information, key number, VIN etc. Select key position has not been used, generate dealer key. The device will generate key data. Rewrite the key data back to BCM computer. Reinstall BCM to car, start car with the new key.
If you have VVDI II, you can also choose not to rewrite the key data back to BCM and reinstall the BCM to car. Use VVDI2 OBD Key Learning feature, connect VVDI2 key programmer with vehicle, enter software menu, load eeprom data, follow the instruction to learn new key on the car.