Volvo VIDA DICE VMware Download

I have bought an cheap Volvo VIDA DiCE unit and successfully set it up on a small portable windows tablet, of course on VMware. I’ll post up here for anyone looking for it.


I have to say, as a software developer I didn’t expect too much from this, but thought it would be a bit of fun to do some work on it away from my main machine, which is a gaming rig desktop with 3 x 28″ monitors….Hardly portable!

It’s basically a mini Surface Pro with a little quad core with 2GB of RAM and a measly but OK 32GB flash drive as the main ‘C’ drive – Though a micro SD can be installed to create a ‘D’ drive.

Once I had set it up and had a play on Lightroom and Photoshop (both of which, work well on it) I thought I’d see if I could make it a tool for the T4 as it has two full size USB A ports on the side – Perfect for a DICE unit.

So, given Volvo VIDA doesn’t seem to play ball with the pre-installed Windows 10 and VIDA has stupidly high system requirements, I created a virtual machine using ‘virtualbox’, installed ‘Windows XP Black Edition SP3’ and hacked the config file on the VIDA install files to alter the memory and HDD size (thread on here on how to do that). I thought I’d be able to do this on my ‘D’ drive which is a 64GB micro SD card but unfortunately the speeds were unbearably slow (poor read/write performance on Micro SD’s), so back to the main ‘C’ drive, cleared up some space and installed it all. This only left me with about 3GB of space on the main host C drive after a disk clean up, but everything runs as it should and I still have my micro SD for my data and other applications.

***Virtual machine of XP and VIDA can be downloaded from the link below, though I started from scratch and made a slightly smaller VM – If there is interest I will export my image so all you have to do is import it into your virtualbox and you’re good to go.!clQ2DQrS!JPNMDyRNy9pCRED1PPi5MTuPzJEBkwrKFLa9uiHZVkE!Iwx1nZBK!SzjqVTnXucESjpLnLO2CuxUhRlZeMyYxSAG7uAqXQec!1wBWnIDI!TfjW8j7mtdwAqWUcM_4nwnYA-fEHn_goBNcf6VLGXwU!EgICBSJL!QrVMIBwatypKfOhQUwTZEh7tKLdyLju-HrhFtw-aBwQ!llJCFY6A!VQAZyWa4ZC-gRWFF9RJihEfOMAkFGqOZnzr2Ddm5bNQ!UpAGFCbD!U1K8mQhYLgOyMjVSKzGz6groewVnibIogGLYijaidfE!Fg4HEIKI!dCjiwBbNPQ6d3JVbfWqnMXTK7Mp08p4Z3EvWEAckQcI

I was really surprised at just how well this little tablet performs in a VM. XP loads and runs fine and the touchscreen works spot on with XP and VIDA software which is great when using in the car.

Pics below.

volvo-vida-on-surface-pro-1 volvo-vida-on-surface-pro-2 volvo-vida-on-surface-pro-3



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