Free Download V3.82 CG100 Airbag Restore Device

CG100 airbag restore device software v3.82 is released and verified ok on 272 new models. Free download CG100 airbag software and get the latest information.


Free download:

Available on Windows XP/ WIN7/ WIN8 (32bit/64bit)

Compatible with CG100 Airbag Restore Device / CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Device



CG100 V3.82 update info

Add new vehicle models
Add 9S08GL16 CPU
Parallel FLASH:
AMD: AM29BL802D (can relieve MT34 anti-theft box on FAW Wei Chi )

Add SRS Model
Ford ED8T-14B321-AD 2336-56F (with XC2361-56F)
Ford ED8T-14B321-XX 2336-56F (with XC2361-56F)
JAC S2 L72013 5824901U1910-P34L1
Suzuki peak slave 38910-66M00 SPC560P50L3
Modern 95910-C9500-XC2336A without air curtain
Toyota 89170-0G020
Toyota 89170-0N050
Toyota 89170-08140

Add new KM calculation method:
VOLVO kilometer data is automatically calculated
(XC60) 9S12XHZ384,9S12XHZ512 (automatic modification with software)
(S60) 9S12XHZ384,9S12XHZ512 (automatic modification with software)
(S80) 9S12XHZ384,9S12XHZ512 (automatic modification with software)
(V60) 9S12XHZ384,9S12XHZ512 (automatic modification with software)


Modified software BUG:

1- can not automatically recognize 9S12XHY256 – FIX

2- correction ATMEGA32 0KM problem in QQ models – FIX

3- ATMEGA169 calculate KM for Changan two models – FIX

4- the main window covers the Open and Save windows in the universal programmer – FIX

5- new windows will be displayed smoothly after a continuous click in Open and Save buttons


6- 9S12 wiring diagrams do not show up, resulting in a warning window that software will crash


7- 9S12 wiring diagram, wiring board computers increased 95% – FIX

8- MT80 engine computer can not read data – FIX

(because there is 121 CAN electronics on MT80 computer)

9- ST10F275 write data error -FIX


Add vehicle type


M35080DQ080, M35080DQ160, M35080 3/6, M35080 V6 / VP (5 seconds to complete the flash directly modify Kilometers)

ATMEGA parallel:

MEGA8L, MEGA48, MEGA88 (can be done using the Erase ATMEGA8L used in times)


24 Series:

24C01 24C02 24C04 24C08 24C16 24C32 24C64 24C128 (read and write is complete)

93 Series:

93c46 93c56 93c57 93C66 93c76 93c86 (read and write is complete)

25 Series:

250,102,502,025,040 250,802,516,025,320 256,402,512,825,256 (read and write is complete)

95 Series:

95010 950,209,504,095,080 951,609,532,095,640 951,289,525,695,512 (read and write is complete)



Add 9S08GL16 CPU

Parallel FLASH:

AMD: AM29BL802D (FAW Reiz MT34 can be lifted theft)



Add SRS Model

Ford ED8T-14B321-AD 2336-56F (with XC2361-56F)

Ford ED8T-14B321-XX 2336-56F (with XC2361-56F)

JAC S2 L72013 5824901U1910-P34L1

Suzuki peak slave 38910-66M00 SPC560P50L3

Modern 95910-C9500-XC2336A without air curtain

Toyota 89170-0G020

Toyota 89170-0N050

Toyota 89170-08140


Add new calculation

Support VOLVO kilometer data is automatically calculated

(XC60) 9S12XHZ384,9S12XHZ512

(S60) 9S12XHZ384,9S12XHZ512

(S80) 9S12XHZ384,9S12XHZ512

(V60) 9S12XHZ384,9S12XHZ512


FAW; Wei Zhi; WeiZhi; 9S12HZ128.lua

FAW Hongta; ZB246H1A; ZB246H1A; ATMEGA8.lua

SAIC; SAIC; ShangQi; 9S12HY64.lua

Southeast; V5SD-FIASH; V5SD-FIASH; 9S12HY64.lua

Southeast; Lioncel; LinShuai; 9S12HA32.lua

Dongfeng; 153 meter data; 153meterdata; 9S12HY32.lua

Dongfeng; F600; F600; 9S12HY48.lua

Dongfeng; SL238H; SL238H; ATMEGA8.lua

Dongfeng; SL238J; SL238J; ATMEGA8.lua

Dongfeng; Dongfeng AX7; DongFeng; 9S12XHY128.lua

Dongfeng; well-off; XiaoKang; 9S12HA32.lua

Dongfeng; scenery; FengGuang; 9S12HY32.lua

Dongfeng; Fengshen AX7-1; FengShenAX7-1; 9S12XHY128.lua

Zhongxing truck; ZB107D1E; ZB107D1E; ATMEGA8.lua

Zhongxing truck; ZB109D; ZB109D; ATMEGA8.lua

Zhongxing truck; ZTE pickup; ZhongXingPiKa; ATMEGA8.lua

Zhonghua; V5-1; V5-1; 9S12HZ128.lua

Zhonghua; V5-2; V5-2; 9S12XHZ512.lua

Zhonghua; V5-3; V5-3; 9S12HZ128.lua

Zhonghua; V5; V5; 9S12HZ128.lua

Zhonghua; V5 meter data; V5meterdata; 9S12HZ128.lua

Zhonghua; V5 new; V5 new; 9S12HZ128.lua

Zhonghua; zhonghuaEEPROM; zhonghuaEEPROM; 9S12HZ128.lua

Zhonghua; China v5-1; ZhongHuav5-1; 9S12HZ128.lua

Zhonghua; Junjie; JunJie; 9S12HZ128.lua

Spark; ZB155Q5 V2; ZB155Q5 V2; ATMEGA8.lua

Lark; ZB115F; ZB115F; ATMEGA8.lua

Wuling; 0M34S; 0M34S; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; 13XXX; 13XXX; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; 13 glory 1; 13RongGuang1; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; 13 glory 2; 13RongGuang2; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; 24525695; 24525695; ATMEGA8.lua

Wuling; DFLASH; DFLASH; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; HA HY manner 1; HA HY Style1; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; HA HY 1 double manner; HA HY Style1ShuangPai; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; Wuling HA HY mode 1-1; WuLinHA HY Style1-1; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; Wuling HA HY mode 1-2; WuLinHA HY Style1-2; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; Wuling HA; WuLinHA; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; Wuling Sunshine -1; WuLinZhiGuang-1; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling Sunshine; Wuling WuLinZhiGuang; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; Wuling Sunshine DEEPROM; WuLinZhiGuangDEEPROM; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; Wuling Hongguang S-ZB101C; S-ZB101C; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; Wuling glory 0M34S; WuLinRongGuang0M34S; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; Wuling glory 13-1; WuLinRongGuang13-1; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; Wuling glory 13-2; WuLinRongGuang13-2; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; Wuling glory 13-3; WuLinRongGuang13-3; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; Wuling glory 13-4; WuLinRongGuang13-4; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; Wuling glory; WuLinRongGuang; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; Wuling glory ZB169P-A; ZB169P-A; 9S12HA32.lua

Wuling; Wuling Hongtu V1; WuLingHongTu V1; ATMEGA8.lua

Wuling; Wuling Hongtu V2; WuLingHongTu V2; ATMEGA8.lua

Wuling; Hongguang HA HY; RongGuangHA HY; 9S12HA32.lua

Wu Ling Bus (CMB Liu steam) ATMEGA169

Zotye; 125T; 125T; ATMEGA8.lua

Zotye; 3011; 3011; 9S12HY64.lua

Zotye; 3018; 3018; 9S12HY64.lua

Zotye; T600 15 years; T600 15 year; 9S12HY48.lua

Zotye; T600 ZB183P1; T600 ZB183P1; 9S12HY48.lua

Zotye; Z300; Z300; 9S12HY48.lua

Zotye; Z500; Z500; 9S12HY48.lua

Zotye; big step; DaMai; 9S12HA64.lua

Jiabao; FAW Jiabao; YiQiJiaBao; ATMEGA8.lua

Transit; ZB168F1AU 1: 620; ZB168F1AU 1: 620; ATMEGA8.lua

Transit; ZB168F1U; ZB168F1U; ATMEGA8.lua

Transit; Jiangling ZB168F1 or cheetah ZB115H8 V1; ATMEGA8.lua

Transit; JMC Transit ZB168E2A; ZB168E2A; ATMEGA8.lua

Lifan; 520; 520; ATMEGA32.lua

Beijing Warriors; ZB158D; ZB158D; ATMEGA8.lua

Beijing Jeep; Beijing Jeep; BeiJingJiPu; ATMEGA8.lua

Big Dipper; ZB129P V1; ZB129P V1; ATMEGA8.lua

Big Dipper; ZB129P V2; ZB129P V2; ATMEGA8.lua

Big Dipper; ZB129P V3; ZB129P V3; ATMEGA8.lua

Big Dipper; ZB129P2; ZB129P2; ATMEGA8.lua

Beiqi; Saab D50; ShenBaoD50; 9S12XHY256.lua

Beiqi; Saab x65; ShenBaox65; 9S12XHY256.lua

Geely; EC7-1; EC7-1; 9S12XHY128.lua

Geely; Global Hawk; QuanQiuYing; 9S12XHZ512.lua

Geely; Geely Youliou; JiLiYouLiOu; ATMEGA8.lua

Geely; Geely England; JiLiYingLun; 9S12HY64.lua

Geely; Imperial; DiHao; 9S12XHY128.lua

Geely; England DFLASH; YingLunDFLASH; 9S12HY64.lua

Geely; Golden Eagle -9S12; JinYing-9S12; 9S12HZ128.lua

Geely; Golden Eagle -ATME; JinYing-ATME; ATMEGA8.lua

Gio; MBGA01; MBGA01; ATMEGA8.lua


Free ship CK-1 ATMEGA169


Lobo; ZB118E V1; ZB118E V1; ATMEGA8.lua


Lobo; ZB118E V2; ZB118E V2; ATMEGA8.lua


Jia Yu; ZB118W; ZB118W; ATMEGA8.lua


Charade; A + (1); A + (1); 9S12HA48.lua


Charade; A + meter -1; A + meter-1; 9S12HA48.lua


Charade; A + instrument; A + meter; 9S12HA48.lua


Chery; 12 Cowin -1; 12QiYun-1; 9S12HA32.lua


Chery; 12 Cowin -2; 12QiYun-2; 9S12HA32.lua


Chery; 13 paragraph QQ-1; 13QQ-1; 9S12HA32.lua


Chery; 13 paragraph QQ; 13QQ; 9S12HA32.lua


Chery Tiggo 5; 9S12XHY128.lua


Chery; A3; A3; 9S12HY64.lua




Chery; M7; M7; 9S12HY64.lua


Chery; ZB139F5A; ZB139F5A; ATMEGA8.lua


Chery; ZB139F5B; ZB139F5B; ATMEGA8.lua


Chery; ZB139F8 V2; ZB139F8 V2; ATMEGA8.lua


Chery; ZB139F8; ZB139F8; ATMEGA8.lua


Chery; Dirks; KaiRui; 9S12HA32.lua


Chery; Tiggo 5; RuiHu5; 9S12XHY128.lua


Chery; Tiggo 5 meter data; RuiHu5meterdata; 9S12XHY128.lua


Chery; Yi Ruize 7; AiRuiZe7; 9S12HY64.lua


Pentium; B90; B90; 9S12XHZ512.lua


Chun Po; Po Chun 630-1; BaoJun630-1; 9S12HZ128.lua


Fudge; ZB101; ZB101; ATMEGA8.lua


Beverly; 988; 988; ATMEGA8.lua


Beverly; ZB123; ZB123; ATMEGA8.lua


Guangdong Foday pickup; ZB43Q1D; ZB43Q1D; ATMEGA8.lua


Yangtze pickup; ZB157E; ZB157E; ATMEGA8.lua


Nissan; ZB132K6; ZB132K6; ATMEGA8.lua


Nissan; ZB132K9; ZB132K9; ATMEGA8.lua


When the wind; when the wind electric vehicles; ShiFengDianDongChe; 9S12HY48.lua


Dawn; SL143M2; SL143M2; ATMEGA8.lua


Dawn; ZB118P9; ZB118P9; ATMEGA8.lua


Dawn; ZB119P; ZB119P; ATMEGA8.lua


Uno; Uno v2-1; OuNuov2-1; 9S12HA32.lua


Huizhong Islamic Tana; ZB139K5; ZB139K5; ATMEGA8.lua


JAC; M5; M5; 9S12XHZ512.lua


JAC pickup; ZB157K1; ZB157K1; ATMEGA8.lua


JMC; ZB106D3; ZB106D3; ATMEGA8.lua


JMC; ZB118F-1; ZB118F-1; ATMEGA8.lua


JMC; ZB118F-2; ZB118F-2; ATMEGA8.lua


JMC; ZB118N2; ZB118N2; ATMEGA8.lua


JMC; ZB132 V2; ZB132 V2; ATMEGA8.lua


JMC; ZB132FY6; ZB132FY6; ATMEGA8.lua


JMC; ZB132H; ZB132H; ATMEGA8.lua


JMC; ZB132M; ZB132M; ATMEGA8.lua


JMC; ZB160H2; ZB160H2; ATMEGA8.lua


JMC; ZB218; ZB218; ATMEGA8.lua


JMC; ZB235GA; ZB235GA; ATMEGA8.lua


JMC Shunda; ZB106D2E; ZB106D2E; ATMEGA8.lua




JMC 3801910B808 1.576 ATMEGA8


Hebei Shuanghuan; ZB118P1; ZB118P1; ATMEGA8.lua


Hebei Shuanghuan; ZB143J; ZB143J; ATMEGA8.lua


Hippocampus; Cupid paragraph 13; 13QiuBiTe; 9S12HA48.lua


Hippocampus; FA14-55-430; FA14-55-430; 9S12HY64.lua


Leopard hunting ZB115Q ATMEGA169


Leopard hunting 115H10B3 ATMEGA169


Cheetah; ZB115H10; ZB115H10; ATMEGA8.lua


Cheetah; ZB115H10B3; ZB115H10B3; ATMEGA8.lua


Cheetah; ZB115H7; ZB115H7; ATMEGA8.lua


Cheetah; ZB115H7A; ZB115H7A; ATMEGA8.lua


Cheetah; ZB115H8 V1; ZB115H8 V1; ATMEGA8.lua


Cheetah; ZB115H8 V2; ZB115H8 V2; ATMEGA8.lua


Cheetah; ZB115HA V1; ATMEGA8.lua


Cheetah; ZB115HA V2; ATMEGA8.lua


Cheetah; ZB115HLC; ATMEGA8.lua


Cheetah; ZB115Q5; ATMEGA8.lua


Cheetah; ZB115Q7; ATMEGA8.lua


Cheetah; ZB155Q5; ATMEGA8.lua


Cheetah; cheetah; LieBao; 9S12XHY128.lua


Refine V6111 ATMEGA32 +


Refine; ZB125H2Y; ATMEGA8.lua


Refine; refine m5; RuiFengm5; 9S12HZ512.lua


Eagle; XTD111127; ATMEGA8.lua


Ford; Transit; QuanShun; ATMEGA8.lua


FORD; Ford wing stroke; FuTeYiBo; 9S12XEQ384.lua


Freda; ZB103-2921 34101-C3500 1..615; ATMEGA8.lua


Fukuda; 30L; ATMEGA8.lua


Fukuda; SL116H; ATMEGA8.lua


Fukuda; ZB108A-1; ATMEGA8.lua


Fukuda; ZB138; ATMEGA8.lua


Fukuda; ZB139P; ATMEGA8.lua


Fukuda; ZB143Q1; ATMEGA8.lua


Fukuda; ZB189F; ATMEGA8.lua


Fukuda; Auman -1; OuMan-1; ATMEGA8.lua


Fukuda Ollin; ZB239-H2 1B18037600045; ATMEGA8.lua


Fukuda pickup; ZB143M9E; ATMEGA8.lua


Foday; ZB157C; ATMEGA8.lua


Hongta Jinling; SL246H1; ATMEGA8.lua


Liberation; 14g6; 14g6; 9S12HZ128.lua


Liberation; liberation J6; JieFang; 9S12HZ128.lua


Zhengzhou pickup; ZB120D; ATMEGA8.lua


Mustang; Mustang T70; 9S12XHZ512.lua


Golden Dragon; ZB248; ATMEGA8.lua


Jinbei; ZB125D6B V2; ATMEGA8.lua


Jinbei; ZB125D6B; ATMEGA8.lua


Jinbei; ZB146F3; ATMEGA8.lua


Jinbei; ZB246; ATMEGA8.lua


Jinbei; Jinbei instrument dflsh; JinBeimeterdflash; 9S12HA48.lua


Taurus; 9S12HA32.lua


Jinlong; SL117K; ATMEGA8.lua


Jinlong; ZB117F3; ATMEGA8.lua


Jinlong; ZB148FG; ATMEGA8.lua


Jinlong; ZB256E; ATMEGA8.lua


Great Wall; H6; H6; 9S12XHZ512.lua


Great Wall; H6 meter data; H6meterdata; 9S12XHZ512.lua


Great Wall; SUV; SUV; ATMEGA8.lua


Great Wall; ZB116E; ATMEGA8.lua


Great Wall; ZB132F16A; ATMEGA8.lua


Great Wall; ZB143E15; ATMEGA8.lua


Great Wall; ZB143P1; ZB143P1; ATMEGA8.lua


Great Wall; pickup gasoline engine; PiKaQiYouJi; ATMEGA8.lua


Great Wall diesel; ZB155D3A; ATMEGA8.lua


Changan; 15 Yue Xiang V3; 9S12HA64.lua


Changan; CS35-3 9S12XHY256.lua


Changan; CS35; 9S12XHY256.lua


Changan; CS75 9S12XHZ512.lua


Changan; CX20 -2 9S12HA48.lua


Changan; cx20; 9S12HY48.lua


Changan; ZB160E6; ATMEGA8.lua


Changan; ZB160H5; ATMEGA8.lua


Changan; ZB160H8 V1; ATMEGA8.lua


Changan; ZB168P8-201; ATMEGA8.lua


Changan; ZB168P8; ATMEGA8.lua


Changan; Xiang Yue mode 3; YueXiang Style3; 9S12HA64.lua


Changan; Xiang Yue; YueXiang; 9S12HA48.lua


Changan; Yue Xiang V3 de; YueXiangV3 de; 9S12HA64.lua


Changan; Xiang Yue v7; YueXiangv7; 9S12XHY128.lua


Changan; Europe Liwei; OuLiWei; 9S12HA320.lua


Changan; Uno -1; OuNuo-1; 9S12HY64.lua


Changan; Uno -2; OuNuo-2; 9S12HY64.lua


Changan; Uno; 9S12HY64.lua


Changan; Uno DFLASH; OuNuoDFLASH; 9S12HY64.lua


Changan; Rui row -1; RuiXing-1; 9S12HY48.lua


Changan; Yi moving 13-1; YiDong13-1; 9S12HY64.lua


Changan; Yi moving; YiDong; 9S12HY64.lua


Changan; Yi moving dflash; YiDongdflash; 9S12HY64.lua


Changan; Yi moving instrument; YiDongmeter; 9S12HY64.lua


Changan; Chang Rui line 51200; ChangAnRuiXing51200; 9S12HA32.lua


Changan; Chang Rui line; ChangAnRuiXing; 9S12HA48.lua


Changan Star 460; ZB160P6; ATMEGA8.lua


Chang’an Star; 4500ATMEGA8.lua


Chang E6301 ATMEGA8


Chang’an Star; ZB160E7; ATMEGA8.lua


Changan Benben; MINI3; 9S12HA32.lua


Changan mini 2; 9S12HA32.lua


Changan Benben; 9S12HA32.lua


Changan Star II 9S08GL16 transfer table


Xiali A + ATMEG169


Breeze; X7JMH-J00082; 9S12XHY256.lua


Breeze; ZB132G V1; ATMEGA8.lua


Breeze; ZB132G V2; ATMEGA8.lua


Breeze; breeze X7 9S12XHY256.lua


Breeze; breeze X7-1 9S12XHY256.lua


Chevrolet ZB155Q9; ATMEGA8.lua


Chevrolet ZB155QB8; ATMEGA8.lua


Chevrolet ATMEGA8.lua


Wingle; ZB157K2; ZB157K2; ATMEGA8.lua


Yellow Sea; ZB118P6E; ZB118P6E; ATMEGA8.lua


Yellow Sea; ZB118TYP9A 1: 575; ZB118TYP9A 1: 575; ATMEGA8.lua


Yellow Sea; Yellow Sea -1 ATMEGA8.lua


JMC 3801910B808 1.576




Chang E6301 ATMEGA8


Wu Ling Bus (CMB Liu steam) ATMEGA169 +


Free ship CK-1 ATMEGA169 +


Pentium; Pentium X80 mileage 9S12XHZ512.lua


Chun Po; Po Chun 730 meter 0M23Y 9S12HY64 (calculated automatically).


Hippocampus; Familia -1 9S12HA48.lua


Hippocampus; Familia -29S12HA48.lua


Taurus; Taurus mode 3 9S12HA32.lua