SDconnect Toolkit COM-Server stop working solution

Here is the customer solution to MB Star diagnostic SDconnect Toolkit COM-Server stopped functioning problem.

I have a problem about SDconnect Toolkit COM-Server has stopped functioning.
May I ask how to solve this problem.


I think this is because DTS Monaco have own Ecom toolkit / installed together with software and if you have installed another toolkit for sdconnect there is little war between this two toolkits.


I have installed DTS on non DAS/Xentry pc and I have installed SDConnect toolkit 2.1.3 independently /because I don´t now how to make connection between original ecom toolkit from dts with sd connect I can not open administration for original ecom toolkit it said device will be connected automatically and I can not open it manually/ and sometimes is problem with Com-server error code 891 but is no problem with communication with SDConnect. I have it on win7 and I can start 2.1.3 toolkit administration or selection from icons on desktop if not working from icons in taskbar but now also working from taskbar I have set for both toolkits the same language and working from taskbar icons too.


I had the same Problem. I solved it this way.

1. Open Taskmanager an Kill all Processes of SDconnect Toolkit(Tkserver.exe, Tktray.exe).
2. Go to DTS install folder and find the folder with the Tkserver.exe in it.
3. Delete this folder.
4. Install SDconnect toolkit from here!rgExUb7Z 

encryption key


(BTW, you can install this SDConnect toolkit on non Xentry/DAS computer and working with DTS then also have to working with Vediamo.)

5. Go to original SDconnect Path (C:\Program Files (x86)\Mercedes-Benz\SDconnect Toolkit\)
6. Copy filesToolkit.ini + SDVersion.dll
7. Paste Toolkit.ini in C:\ProgramData\I+ME ACTIA\Toolkit\ and SDVersion.dll in Install-Directory of the new SDconnect Toolkit.
8. Start SDconnect Toolkit from Startmenu (the SDconnect folder in Root of “All Programs”, not the one in “Mercedes-Benz” folder)