MB Sprinter W903 95p08 eeprom and HC08 immo pinout

Car problem and symptom:
I have problems with a Mercedes sprinter w903 2004 year.
I messed around with the Kirnzle tachometer and now suddenly i get start error and can not start the car.
I don’t know if the tachometer plays any role in this problem but i know the we had problems eith the battery few times because it got empty a few times and last tim3 was 15 minutes before this problem accrued. I have star bud does not show anything.


The problem is battery.

Solution 1:

Read eeprom from ECU and HC08 immobox with EEPROM/MCU programer, Orange5,Xprog or cheap option carprog ecu programmer.

Here is the eeprom and immo pinout:

You need reading ecu eprom 95p08 and reading immo box HC08, AND you need sprinter start error repair v1.3…

sprinter-5P08C3-pinout Xprog-Temic12 sprinter

Solution 2:

Just try to virginise the ECU and program it to the IMMO with MB Star diagnostic(MB SD Connect C4).No need to read the MCU only the eeprom.

or unlock ecu in memory 5P08C3 in address 1D0 04 0F write 00 00 and with Star diagnostic programming.

How to virginise?

5P08C3 in address 1D0: 04 0F write 00 00 and you have virgine.

Hope they helps.