Fgtech Galletto v54 flash sagem s2000 rpmt

I need to read ECU Renault espace 2l Sagem s2000 RPTM.I do not know how and i need a photo pinout for this ecu. I have Fgtech galletto 4 v54 master BDM-Tricore-OBD programmer. I had some search work and finally got the problem solved. It is a long story.

Sagem s2000:

renault-s2000prmt-ecu-1 renault-s2000prmt-ecu-2

A ECU tuner said that he has flashed one from 1.8 to 1.6 engine. He used K-tag,but it work with Fgtech Galletto v54 in boot mode also.
Another one attached me some photos:


But they does not work.I wan’t to remove on error from throttle which is permanent.

error is : PF 413. Then I continue looking for the solution on how to solve this error PF 413 by resoft flash.

A experienced engieer provided me some suggestions:

“Flash is not in mpc. Flash is 29f200.
I was talking that you have to choose that type of mpc for bootmode. An then choose external flash.
The other foto is for psa s2000 (not rpm) ecu.

You need another ecu, or change driver.
In fact it is an analogic to digital converter.

You have to pull out the silicone.
Then measure the throttle pin’s to the IC. That is the driver.

It is easyear to buy another ecu, then transfer full flash to it.I did-it with galleto in boot mode.
Back-up the old one, then move eprom from one to another, and you are ready to start.

Moove flash with galleto, and eeprom by hot air.When you fisicaly move eprom (95p08 as i remember), then you move immo also.

Your car is ready to start.”

I buy new ecu sagem s 2000 rptm from renault laguna 1,8 gazoline.
Hardware It seems as.I red flash with galletto v 54 ok.
Problem is i no find immo chip for cloning this ecu.



Again with the help of the tuning master.

I write flash with galletto in the new ecu.ok
Now must move immo chip (95080c) with hot air.
the photo in #9 is so clear, the chip marked 95080 3.