ODIS solved Audi A6L Engine Suddenly Flame-out

With mileage of about 3500 km Audi A6L (C7) cars. Customer reflect: the car during driving the engine will suddenly turn off irregularly, sometimes after the engine flame-out can start the machine immediately, and sometimes need to wait a few hours to start the machine.


Faulty Diagnostic:

The customer Connect Bluetooth VAS 5054A ODIS diagnostic interface (Bought from obd365.com ) on the car for testing, the engine control unit without any fault codes stored. After understanding that the failure occurred without any rules, two months there have been three times recently. Power and Ground Check engine control unit, normal; measuring the fuel system pressure is also normal range; normal and with the same type of vehicle interchange fuel pump control unit (J17), bus terminal 15 supply relay (J329), the main supply relay (J271), engine components supply relay (J757) after the test, the first four days through several road test does not fail in the process, and return to the factory parked for some time, appeared unable to start the engine failure ( start the engine does not start successfully three times, the fourth starter has returned to normal). Connect Now VAS6150B detected, this time in the engine control unit was adjusted fault code P0652 00 (165), meaning a standard sensor, voltage B is too low. VAS6150B based navigation prompted to test the engine control unit (J623) connector terminal T60 / 35, T60 / 58 and T94 / 63 or the output voltage of the line. Access to information that these terminals supply situation elements as listed in Table 1. The engine can be normal measurement when starting the connector terminal T60 J623 / 35, T60 / 58 and the output voltage of the T94 / 63, and are 5V, normal; and when the engine can not start, J623 connector terminal T60 / 35 and T60 / output voltage 58 is 5V, normal; the output voltage and the terminal T94 / 63 is only 4V, not normal. Measurement of engine wiring harness, wire and a terminal T94 / 63 is connected to no short circuit, open circuit and poor contact phenomenon, it will be recognized as the point of failure J623 body in question, so he replaced the J623 but a month later, the car into the shop for maintenance again It reflects the failure persists. Into the factory when the car engine start properly connected VAS6150B testing, trouble-free code is stored. Failure in the first three days of the testing process, the so-site detection, J623 connector pin output voltage T94 / 63, and still only 4V. So one by one to disconnect the power supply terminal elements wire connectors, it was discovered when disconnected wire connector of the G513, the output voltage of the terminal T94 / 63 was changed to 5V, it follows that the fault lies in the G513.

Troubleshooting: Replace G513, after a long test, the fault has not been reproduced repeatedly follow up call after the car factory, has been with normal troubleshooting.


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