Kess V2 master clone NXP heat unlock pinout

I found that this NXP heat unlock solution is not working on original Slave Kess V2. But i already unlocked 3 Kess V2 master version China Clone….Original slave NXP heat solution don’t work.

There is one more chi on the PCB OKI M6636B and if I leave DB25 pin Link connected it gets supply from there and there is no sound od USB disconnecting while put shortcut to the ground

kess locked nxp unlock sm

I think it is qaukity of poor clone nxp’s that enabled them to fail using heat method. I have tried on many genuine kess v2 and also tried on clones with genuine NXP fitted to no avail.

the link on db25 makes NXP entea “programming” sort of mode, but this is disabled in CRP3, but with heat method something is failing bypassing CRP lock for a very short period.

I think the oki chip you are on about is on the older kess v2 clone for fords.

alientech enabled crp3 on firmwares higher than 4.025 I believe. believe this was crp2 and when 3,099 was around no CRP lock. i think It is purely down to Chinese cloned NXP lpc2478 IC that means the heat trick works.

Any genuine lpc2478 chip I have tried heat trick on didn’t worknot all kess can be unlocked via heat method even genuine NXP from rs-online so stop thinking nxp’s fake because it does not work
some clone kess it works some it don’t
As Herkuly states definetly don’t work on original hardware with OKI chip ( tested )
Better having nxp spare incase solution don’t work then you will not cry