Original Xtool key programmers comparison

Xtool Tech has released several car key programmers, including Xtool X100 Pad,X100 Pro and X300+.

Xtool Key programmers X-100 Pad, X100 Pro, X300 Plus Comparison List

Item name Xtool X100 X-100 PADxtool-x100-pad Xtool X100 PROxtool-x100-pro Xtool X300 Plus X300+ xtool-x300-plus
Design Tablet PAD Hand-held device Hand-held device
Manufacturer Original Xtool Original Xtool Original Xtool
Bluetooth YES NO NO
System Android
Update Update via WIFI Update online Update online
Language English English English
Key Programming, Pin code reading with EEPROM, Reset ECM & Reset immobilizer, Oil reset, Odometer correction
TPMS (tire Pressure Warning Light) reset,Timing belt light reset, EPB Electrical Body Adaption, TPS Throttle Body Adaptation, Steering Angle Calibration, Battery reset, OBDII Diagnostic
Key Programming, ECU programming, Reset ECM & Reset immobilizer Key Programming, Oil Reset, TPMS (tire Pressure Warning Light) Reset, Timing belt light reset, EPB Electrical Body Adaption, TPS Throttle Body Adaptation, OBDII Diagnostic

For vehicle list (X100 Pad and X300+ special function vehicle differs), please check  each webpage.


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