MB SD C4 Error: A disk read error occurred

Here is the solution to Mercedes Benz MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star diagnostic system disk read error.

Hello this is Paul, last week, I got Star diagnostic software for my old MB SD Connect c4 , comes with the Dell D630 HDD. Then I installed it in my Dell D620. Installed all drivers and activated it but there was no “LAN CONNECTIONS” information, only the error message: “A disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl+ Alt+ Del to restart-”

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After obd365.com engineers checking , here it is :

Here is the tips obd365 technicians offered
Possible reasons:
1. Poor connection between computer and hard disk.

2. The hard disk is broken, like the picture below.


Here is the way to solve we suggest Mr. Paul

Unplug the hard disk and reinstall it.
If it still fails to use, buy a new hard disk for mb sd c4.


Please Kindly Notice:

1, MB STAR DELL D630 HDD is better use on DELL D630 Laptop, we do not suggest use on DELL D620 Laptop

2, If you do not know how to installation the software, we recommend you buy the bundle package MB SD C4+Dell D630 laptop for which the software is already installation directly use.