Free download Rheingold 3.50.32 and installation guide

Recently i managed to install this BMW ICOM Rheingold 3.50.32 software to my laptop and connect it to my E90 320d using INPA K+DCAN cable. It is very good software to troubleshoot, diagnose fault, coding, workshop manual and register new battery with step by step guides. if not mistaken, BMW service centers and dealers also using this software.


it took me about two weeks to install and figure out how to connect to my car. here I share back the step by step guides how to install it for our benefit also for my future reference.


Step 1: Download the program (prepare space around 25gb)!T…cK2dXatqDc_Q3YA


Step 2: Download and install RC cleaner!Sp…f1vYPQ1ACBIC8tM

Step 3: Download this instruction and follow the instruction how to install the sofware!kl…zs0CSVVXSvcbMNQ


To connect to E90, you neet K+DCAN can cable and I purchased the cable from here. For F series, you need to buy enet cable.


To configure K+DCAN cable to E90, you need to install BMW Standard Tools 2.12 and can be downloaded from here. (choose COM9)


Connect the K+DCAN cable and install the driver and follow this step to set the COM port no (choose COM9)



That’s it. Connect the cable from OBD2 socket to laptop, start your engine and enjoy!!


Some screenshot:

Rheingold 3.50.32-1 Rheingold 3.50.32-2 Rheingold 3.50.32-3 Rheingold 3.50.32-4