CONDOR XC-007 vs. Italy made vs. Clone key cutting machine

Which key cutting machine is the best, is the expensive one is good and the cheap one is not working? It is hard to answer, each tool has their pros and cons, which one is best, it depends on your needs and budget, in the following table, and technician do some comparative analysis on three cutting machines from several aspects.

ItemsCONDOR XC-007Italy cutting machineClone key machine
Machine structurePoured by total aluminumPoured by total aluminumMade of plate, easy to deform
TransmissionAble to drive three-axle, apply ?TBI Ball Screws made in TaiwanAble to drive X- axle and Y-axle, apply Ball ScrewsAble to drive three- axle, the belt drive the parts to move.
Main axle motorgreat strength,
brushless motor
great strengthLess strength, apply carbon brush motor
FixtureAvailable to replace fixture, with 2 set standard configuration: inner groove and outer ?groove, a set of Ford fixture for optionCan replace fixture, 5 set of fixtureSome ones is not able to change fixture, and neither can’t update, support more kinds of fixture.
Requirement to cutting toolHas no requirement to cutting toolWith special cutting toolMost cutting tool can be used
Probe, milling cutter dual setWith Probe, milling cutter dual setWith Probe, milling cutter dual setMost are not dual set, it needs to replace when study and produce, it costs too much time
Key data baseAvailable with key database, can update onlineAvailable with key database, can update onlineNo available with key database, only with coding database of lock blank
After-sales serviceWith special technical support, support remote assistanceWith Original Factory serviceIf it is hardware problem, the user has to send back to the seller, if it is software problem, the seller can’t support solutions.