Cheapest way to buy BMW ICOM without software

It’s a little expensive, i think, to buy a BMW ICOM A2+B+C diagnostic & programming system for a fresh car owner (BMW 3 series E46 320D 2005). Surfed the Internet, and found some ICOM Rheingold were offered in forums. But it is okay to do so? Honestly, a bit hesitant..


After a long-time consideration, decided to purchased a BMW ICOM A2, just the multiplexer without software shipped form HK.


Easy installation but no damage.. ICOM A2 interface, icom b most, some cables (20pin, usb, obd2, lan cable)


Then i downloaded

BMW ISTAD Rheingold 3.42.40 & ISTAP 2.52.3 VMware + Expert Mode.rar

and installed it on VMware player in Dell D630 with Window XP operating system.. The software version was kind od old, but it’s okay for me.. As a freshman, installation guide is very necessary!! Google and lots of ICOM software installation guide there..


Next i connected BMW ICOM interface to the laptop and my E46 320D, to calibrate/ reset BMW steering angle sensor with EDIABAS Tool32.


My steps:

Start launching Toolset 32


Find the DSC module and click “open”, for example, a E90 2005 320D it is DSC_87.prg)


Drop down the “Jobs” list and find out “lenkwinkel dsc abgleichen” option, ignition on and double click the option. Wait for about 10 seconds until the job is finished.


The steering Angle is calibrated and VIN is matched to car. Done!


Wow, never did something wiser than this, you know. $200 USD i saved.

Which BMW ICOM A2 emulator without software to buy?