Which KESS V2 ecu tuning kit is better for truck and cars

OBD365 has released different types of KESS V2 ecu tuning kits for truck and cars. Here is the Kess v2 master version you need indeed.

I. How to choose kess v2

II.  KESS V2 connection

III. KESS V2 function

IV. Tips of using Kess V2


I. How to choose KESS V2?

— KESS V2 Truck version (for $99)


1) Version: Software V2.08/V2.15, firmware V4.024

We recommend you use V2.08 software we provide, not download from internet.

2) System requirement: Most Windows XP and WIN7

3) Languages: English/German/ Spanish/ Italian/ Portuguese/ French

4) ECU programming for Trucks, and new adds a lot ECUs for trucks.

(Other KESS V2 is not good at trucks)

5) Truck models supported:


6) Tokens: It comes with about 30 tokens.

When token run over, you need to buy new token CPU NXP chips for KESS V2 Truck version (SO242-C). This chips has already programmed with tokens program. You can directly replace this chip to the old one and use. No need to use J-LINK8 to add tokens again.

7) printed circuit board


(kess v2 truck version and car version comes with the same pcb)


— KESS V2 for cars (for $115)


1) Latest version: Software V2.15, firmware V4.036
2) System requirement: Most Windows XP and WIN7
3) Languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French
4) More ECUs and protocols are opened on software. With coverage of all major brands and protocols including Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850.

Attention: This one only can work on part mitsubishi vehicles. But This one cannot work on Trucks and motorcycle.
5) Unlimited tokens version
CD comes with token program, you can follow our video to program tokens. No need remove chips or desolder chips. Just use it all the time. User friendly.
6) No Checksum Error



II How to connect KESS V2 ecu tuning kit with computer and vehicle?




III. What can KESS V2 ECU programmer do for trucks and cars?

  1. Check of the battery voltage in real-time
  2. Full Recovery function in case of problems
  3. Automatic correction of the Checksum, (where available)

4. Boot-Loader mode supported

  1. Management of the programming counters
  2. ScanTool function to remove DTC
  3. Several options of reading/writing speed
  4. Option to write full file/section of the map
  5. Full integration with ECM Titanium


IV. What should you pay attention to when using Kess V2 (truck & car)

  1. No Internet Connection. 

The computer with installation of KESS V2 software cannot connect with internet anytime and anywhere. It’s very important, connecting to internet may damage the hardware or CPU and can not repair by yourself, you have to send back and exchange new CPU for repair, in this case, you need to pay 20USD for repair

  1. Do not update, and the used PC or laptop cannot have anti-virus software;
    3. Do not change CPU, also cannot program CPU;
    4. If you want to update hardware of your old KESS V2, will have to ship back the multiplexer

Update cost is 95.00USD, not including shipping cost. But not all of Kess V2 can be update via hardware. You need take picture of the QC mark on the main unit, then we will confirm with factory for you. If it is available, you can pay for update cost and send it back to us for update

  1. KSuite V2.15 software must be used or installed on XP/Win 7 OS system. But we recommend you to use our XP system:


  1. You must install KSuite V2.15 according to our software installation video.


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